Saturday, July 15, 2017

I'm older now . . . and let's face it, you're annoying

So, those running pictures you post all of the time - only 4 people genuinely give a shit and you're related to them.  No, not your kids .  . .  they miss you.

You got a  new (insert ridiculously expensive item here)?  We don't care about that either.  You're always getting new shit.  Easy to do when you're raking in the dough for things like giving birth, people dieing, or grandma invented flibitygibbits.

You made a who a what?  How selfless of you.  Thanks for posting about the last 24 items you generously made and gave away to strangers - BTW - I like  you way more now that I know it cost you 250.00 to make each one.

What?  You're taking a trip sans kids?  Again. With a new wardrobe?  Thanks for sharing!  I want to be you.  Mission accomplished.

And if it weren't for you, some poor souls would never have bought their dream house for 9K over asking.  How generous of you.

Running again?  You're a rock star.  Keep it up.

Dear Universe,
Thank you for the great shit to blog about.  Keep showing us your selfless sides ladies!
ps  I have a big pumpkin plant.  Jealous?  Don't be,  It doesn't grow pumpkins; I just wanted to brag.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

So long!

It has been so long.  I stopped blogging because people reading it (family and friends) decided that what I was saying was about them or aimed at them, and they decided to take things personally.  Seriously?  Oh, if the world would stop being so self consumed.

But I'm back on here today because a memory popped up about my daughter and a little history of her life struggle in education.  I read through it and do you know what?  Nothing has changed except that she has more tricks under her cap for working through the problems. 

Still no IEP or 504 - they say she doesn't need one.  I'm here to tell you though, that she does - and right quick before she is off to college and there is no reason for anyone to let her take a test in a quiet secluded room or take an extra day to finish a reading or extra 40 minutes to finish a test.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Day 12: Say Goodbye to Jealousy

Alright - some good advise here.  What I am really hearing is that you shouldn't dwell on the things that make you unhappy. . .  but it isn't really what I read.

I was really thinking this woman must be crazy if she thinks that men should be coddled an served.  Draw the line somewhere, please.  I am jealous that my husband works out when I want to so I then decide to do all of the stupid chores that I really just want to share.  We both get home late and both want time to get a work out in.  One of us has to give and go clean up the disaster that we call a home.  OOO, OOOO, can I?

And women . . . yep.  I am a jealous person.  Not because I am untrusting, but because I have low self esteem.  That is where jealousy stems from, not from lack of trush in a spouse or God.

So, frankly I was disappointed in this challenge due to the lecture I felt I got while reading it.

Should a person let go of jealousy?  Or should a person get to the route of it and work through it?

ps - my computure wants to autocorrect "untrusting" to "interesting."  What's the deal with that?

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

DAY 11: Pray more for your family

Well, that's an easy one!  Of course we should all do this.
I had a great conversation with my 13yo one night after youth group.  She is new to the youth group and the church I am sending her to.  I thoroughly love the folks heading up the tutoring program before youth group and I love the families of kids who are going, so I thought it would be a good thing for the girls to get involved in outside of school or sports.
C said they were saying prayers one night and that the prayers seemed selfish.  She said that praying seems selfish and she doesn't know how to pray so that she isn't that way.  I told her just not to pray for things for herself and that I really don't know the answer, but I agree with her.  We talked a lot that night about it. . . and that girl can talk . . . for hours.  She holds it all in until about 10pm and then she pours out the events and feelings of the day.  I do love it though.
Anyway, I suggested that she use an "already made" prayer or to make up her own that doesn't change from night-to-night.  This way, she could be sure to keep selfish wants out of it.  We also talked about asking God for strength and patience, as those are things that could really benefit others as well as yourself.

I could definitely spend some time praying more for my family though.  It is always a good suggestion and it makes for a very easy challenge.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Day 10: Don't Compare Your Family to Other Families

Maybe I should recap and see how I'm doing here - no need actually - our home is kind of a bust at the moment.  This challenge is really for a home that doesn't have so much going on.  We can't focus on family dynamics right now and my little one has informed me of that.  He really wants to have a "normal" house where the families sit down and spend time hanging out - eating - watching TV - talking.
Oh, me too buddy, me too.

So, he was feeling down because he spent some time at a friend's house whose family did that.  I let him talk about it and tell me how much he liked being at his friend's.  I told him I understand and I would let him go over often.  I couldn't promise him we would have a house like that though.

The bid difference?  CJ is the youngest and his pal is the oldest.  We have older kids headed in a thousand directions.  I think that CJ forgets that . . . and we forget how much he still needs us despite being 12.

I don't compare us to other families and really don't like my kids to . . . but I know they can't help it.  For the most part my older two would rather have their friends at our house and hang out - but my little one doesn't feel the same.

I am still learning all about him and hope that soon we can give him what he thinks he is missing.  I am aware now and I think that is half the battle.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Day 9: Share Your Family's Interests

sharing your family's interests

Now here is a challenge that I like!  And of course, I'm sharing the interest in hockey tonight as we watch the first game in the regional championships for high school hockey.  Should be a nail biter, that is for sure.  Last game against this team I believe the phrase "I'll f*&% kill you" was muttered to my son.  I think that child is not playing tonight . . . and it's weird anyway since they are pals.  Heat of the moment I'm sure.

I really liked the suggestions from this blogger about sharing interest.  Especially about giving your kids TIME to explore them.  That is definitely something that kids don't get enough of.  I was just thinking about that yesterday.  My kids really have no time - or at least, they don't use it wisely.  They are always in such a hurry to accomplish something or a hurry to "relax" in front of the Xbox or TV.  It is such a shame that we have to schedule time for fun . . . but we do.    

I will be chatting with them this weekend and next week about finding time.  I know they love to skate and snow board.  Maybe in the spirit of the Olympics I will get them out side.  Of course, my daughter scheduled two babysitting jobs and is backed up on homework and my oldest has a big history day project due Monday in the midst of all of his hockey games.  My youngest gets to go play with a pal tonight though - grateful for that!

So, folks, Get Out There and Play a little, cheer a little, dance a little, read a little. . . 
your children deserve it!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Day 8 "Follow the Leader"

happy family
Um, what?
Okay folks, this does not mean to physically play follow the leader throughout your house.  It was suggested that women follow their leader . . . their husbands and that it is a way to avoid disputes and then everyone knows who has the last word.  A whole bunch of other things were mentioned but I'm narrowing this down.  I will not follow the leader, my husband.  I will listen to my PARTNER and go with those suggestions if they are reasonable.  I will not blindly follow. 
 I like to call this day - "pick your battles".  
I am not promoting a subservient home, nor will I.  I am all about being a partner and doing what works best for everyone.  I am not a SAHM and do not have all of the time in the world to be at every one's beck-n-call.  I do enjoy doing for others because it is the right thing to do, not because I'm serving my mr.  
So, follow the leader in your own way.  If you don't normally budge on fairly irrelevant issues - then by all means - give it a try - you will find yourself at peace more often.  I already budge because I'm picking my battles.  How important is it to have green walls?  Can I make tan walls look good? You bet.  Do I really care?  No.  Is it important to leave out the meat in pasta sauce because it is the way I like it?  NO.  If I don't like the mean, I just won't eat it and everyone else can enjoy their meal.  Seriously, what is the big deal.  You've got to give a little to get a little. If what I want is peace and quiet, then maybe I need to put a dinner on the table that everyone will eat once in a while.