Monday, February 10, 2014

Day 10: Don't Compare Your Family to Other Families

Maybe I should recap and see how I'm doing here - no need actually - our home is kind of a bust at the moment.  This challenge is really for a home that doesn't have so much going on.  We can't focus on family dynamics right now and my little one has informed me of that.  He really wants to have a "normal" house where the families sit down and spend time hanging out - eating - watching TV - talking.
Oh, me too buddy, me too.

So, he was feeling down because he spent some time at a friend's house whose family did that.  I let him talk about it and tell me how much he liked being at his friend's.  I told him I understand and I would let him go over often.  I couldn't promise him we would have a house like that though.

The bid difference?  CJ is the youngest and his pal is the oldest.  We have older kids headed in a thousand directions.  I think that CJ forgets that . . . and we forget how much he still needs us despite being 12.

I don't compare us to other families and really don't like my kids to . . . but I know they can't help it.  For the most part my older two would rather have their friends at our house and hang out - but my little one doesn't feel the same.

I am still learning all about him and hope that soon we can give him what he thinks he is missing.  I am aware now and I think that is half the battle.

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