Friday, February 7, 2014

Day 9: Share Your Family's Interests

sharing your family's interests

Now here is a challenge that I like!  And of course, I'm sharing the interest in hockey tonight as we watch the first game in the regional championships for high school hockey.  Should be a nail biter, that is for sure.  Last game against this team I believe the phrase "I'll f*&% kill you" was muttered to my son.  I think that child is not playing tonight . . . and it's weird anyway since they are pals.  Heat of the moment I'm sure.

I really liked the suggestions from this blogger about sharing interest.  Especially about giving your kids TIME to explore them.  That is definitely something that kids don't get enough of.  I was just thinking about that yesterday.  My kids really have no time - or at least, they don't use it wisely.  They are always in such a hurry to accomplish something or a hurry to "relax" in front of the Xbox or TV.  It is such a shame that we have to schedule time for fun . . . but we do.    

I will be chatting with them this weekend and next week about finding time.  I know they love to skate and snow board.  Maybe in the spirit of the Olympics I will get them out side.  Of course, my daughter scheduled two babysitting jobs and is backed up on homework and my oldest has a big history day project due Monday in the midst of all of his hockey games.  My youngest gets to go play with a pal tonight though - grateful for that!

So, folks, Get Out There and Play a little, cheer a little, dance a little, read a little. . . 
your children deserve it!

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