Thursday, April 28, 2016

So long!

It has been so long.  I stopped blogging because people reading it (family and friends) decided that what I was saying was about them or aimed at them, and they decided to take things personally.  Seriously?  Oh, if the world would stop being so self consumed.

But I'm back on here today because a memory popped up about my daughter and a little history of her life struggle in education.  I read through it and do you know what?  Nothing has changed except that she has more tricks under her cap for working through the problems. 

Still no IEP or 504 - they say she doesn't need one.  I'm here to tell you though, that she does - and right quick before she is off to college and there is no reason for anyone to let her take a test in a quiet secluded room or take an extra day to finish a reading or extra 40 minutes to finish a test.

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