Thursday, February 13, 2014

Day 12: Say Goodbye to Jealousy

Alright - some good advise here.  What I am really hearing is that you shouldn't dwell on the things that make you unhappy. . .  but it isn't really what I read.

I was really thinking this woman must be crazy if she thinks that men should be coddled an served.  Draw the line somewhere, please.  I am jealous that my husband works out when I want to so I then decide to do all of the stupid chores that I really just want to share.  We both get home late and both want time to get a work out in.  One of us has to give and go clean up the disaster that we call a home.  OOO, OOOO, can I?

And women . . . yep.  I am a jealous person.  Not because I am untrusting, but because I have low self esteem.  That is where jealousy stems from, not from lack of trush in a spouse or God.

So, frankly I was disappointed in this challenge due to the lecture I felt I got while reading it.

Should a person let go of jealousy?  Or should a person get to the route of it and work through it?

ps - my computure wants to autocorrect "untrusting" to "interesting."  What's the deal with that?

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