Monday, February 3, 2014

Write a (kind) Note!

Happy Family

Oh, I wrote a note today, alright . . . then stopped myself from writing the second one.

Note 1) Please excuse J's tardy.  Thank you. RDonald
For crying out loud, ya think you could make it in time for in-school suspension?  C'mon now kid.  Oh, and you need me to start your car?  Oh order you new shoes?   
**how do I write that spitty sound one makes when sticking out the tongue and spitting?**

A house of 8 can quickly buzz through allotted Internet time.  It is disturbing.  You've got 4 on phones -  2 on ipods, and 2 on tablets - then there are 2 of those using x-box live.  3 Others streaming Netflix.  1 is a you tube fanatic.  Two days shy of the new month and they couldn't hold back.  Tack on another bajillion dollars for that one.

On a serious note (see what I did there?)  I love note writing.  I write notes to the kids every so often throughout the year and put them into their baby books.   I love the idea of  them finding the notes when they least expect it.  J's bday is Wednesday and I'm sure I'll be doing a lot of note writing for that one.  He will be 17.  WHAAAAAATTT?  How crazy is that?  He also has a really big hockey game this week.  It decides if his team will attend the state tournament in Anchorage or not.  We haven't been this close to attending state in aeons, and there are only 4 teams in our district.  Seriously.

Oh the notes I could write right now . . . if I had a tad more time - but back to work I go.
I'll leave you all with this -
If you're going to blow you Internet usage outta the water - make it useful - check out Leverage on Netflix  :)

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