Thursday, January 30, 2014

happier home

Ah, a sweet thought.  She even added ideas to do this when you are a bit strapped for cash.
Let me start by saying that I full heartily agree with the things in this challenge so far . . . but I cannot curb my sarcasm (maybe that is why my home isn't so happy 24/7 - or maybe that is because I'm human)  My how this challenge is morphing.

So - since CJ just txt me he is leaving school and heading to a wrestling tournament that we said he couldn't go to - I'm not sure I'll be feeling very cozy toward him tonight.
J got written up again today for "insubordination" and he has a hockey game in Polar Ice (seriously - it's the name) - he won't be feelin' the love either.  He stopped texting me when I told him to get his ass up to the teacher and apologize.
C was a tyrant 13 yr old last night with uncontrollable emotions - she probably needs the love & coziness . . . but instead I said she isn't babysitting and she will have to do all of her homework - 
No love there.
M is not feeling well - welcome to the club honey - everyone in my house is SICK, SICK, SICK.
**thank you flu shot - I'm feeling fine thx**

But I really do like cleaning up before MR gets home on Saturdays and lighting scented candles.  I like to dust and vacuum and make a good dinner.  Those things are always appreciated by the mr, and usually by everyone else.
So, this weekend I will do a few touches to make the house feel like a home and then we will get ready for the birthday party (mr is calling it a super bowl party) on Sunday.

M turns 15 on Saturday and J turns 17 on the 5th.
J asked for a stereo for his can and sub woofers - so I barked in a deep voice.  I guess that isn't funny.  Now, if I can just find a barking card to give him I'll be happy.
We are at a loss as to what to get M.  We have a ton of idea, but haven't been able to narrow it down.  I didn't get the order in on time for what we finally did decide . . . so it is off to search for it around town.  Cross your fingers folks!  

So, I'll let you all know if I manage to spruce up my home and make it cozy.  Maybe I'll pick up some sugar cookie scented room spray - everyone loves cookies.

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