Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Day 4: Stop Seeking Praise . . . Hello? FB? Can You Hear Me?

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Of course we don't do this . . .no way.  We don't put ourselves down hoping someone else will lift us up in praise.  HA!  Have you been on FB lately?  Everyone wants reassurance that they are doing it right, that they look right, that they are parenting right . . . 
You know how to tell? 
Did you succeed?  
If you didn't did you learn from it and try again?
How did it go?
Oh look, you were able to figure that out on your own.  Congratulations.

Okay, that is probably not what was meant by this challenge.  I should not seek praise.  Does that mean I shouldn't expect a thank you for a good dinner?  Or does it mean I should make a good dinner and not expect anyone to comment on it's deliciousness?  I guess this challenge can be confusing because I have seen real praise seekers, like the junkies of FB whose posts are only there to gain self esteem and assurance.  
I am one of the first to be annoyed.  I always want to comment things like, "My mom died too, but you don't see me whining about it on FB every day."  Or "Hey, I got a new dish towel, but you don't see a photo of it on here."    And who are those people that constantly buy into it and comment back exactly what the poster wants to hear?  "Oh, it's okay.  Be strong.  You're a great person!"  Blech.  How about, "Get over it! Move on!"

So, as annoyed as I get at the praise seekers . . . I really hope I'm not one.  
{i wonder if someone will comment that i'm not so i feel better about myself}hehe  

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