Monday, January 27, 2014

Just Say Yes!

happier home

Okay, I'm not seeing how this is going to apply to me . . . it is like I need to just say "no" at home.  A few years ago, I did apply this concept.  I thought, "why am I saying NO?  It's just painting (or whatever the little joy is my children wanted to partake in)."  It really did make for a more relaxing mommy.  Sure they could paint, but let's use a mat.  You want to make a fort?  Of course, but we also have to put things away.  It is certainly more fun to be a yes SAHM than a no.  Now that the kids are older, saying yes can really get me into trouble.  You say yes to one, you better be saying yes to all of 'em.  It better all be equal. . . at least according to them it should be.  I say, I am the mom and I if CJ vacuums and wants TV time, sure!  Or if CJ is fighting with C and C wants to escape to my room for a movie- Go! Run!  Hide!
So, if you find that you are predominantly saying no because of this or that . . . take a minute to really ask why you did.  Sometimes, that yes will really free everyone!

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