Wednesday, February 5, 2014

How am I Doing? **Oh** and Day 7

Let me start with a HaPpY BiRtHdAy to my newly 17 year old!  He'll never read this . . . but it has to be said.

Every year on the children's birthdays, I think about my pregnancies and their births.  The wicked heart burn and strange rash.  All of the baking and weight gain and weird hair colors.  I won't rehash it here - I actually probably already have, several times.  I would like to say though, that I am proud of my eldest.  He is nutty and has a ridiculous sense of humor, but he also has a kind heart and understands how to be a good person.

Today's challenge is to start a new family tradition.  In almost 20 years of marriage, we have started a lot of them.

1) We (like many other families) open pajamas on Christmas Eve and then take silly pictures.
2) We have sleep overs in our bedroom with the kids and watch movies or DVR'd episodes.
3) Family meals for birthdays - birthday person's choice - no matter what.
4) Fall photos in our yard or on our driveway.
6) Painted or silly socks for Grandpa - been doing that since I was in college :)
7) We use the very first baby cradle that Mr.'s grandpa built and we lend it out to whomever needs it - then carve the babies names & birth dates in the wood.
8) Holiday cookies (duh)
9) Star on the tree on Christmas Eve
10) Cutting down a Christmas tree with family and then up to Mimi & Bob's for treats! **One of our newest, most treasured traditions.
. . .

There is always room for a new tradition.  Test the waters.  See what fits - and stop doing the things that are draining the life out you and your family.  Traditions should hold meaning along with memories.  There is no reason to hold onto a tradition that no one likes, like brussels sprouts at Thanksgiving that no one eats.

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