Tuesday, January 21, 2014

25 Days

happier home

Taking the Challenge, though it will take me far more than 25 days because I will constantly forget to log in and see what day is next. . .
maybe I should make myself a calendar.  

So, day 1 is Count your Blessings.
That is something I have been thinking a lot about lately.  A few things have been going on in our lives that has made me question 17 years of parenting skills.  I know that you are wondering what my children did - but the answer is "Nothing."  For some reason or another we have begun to be judged and it has become a topic of conversations among people we know and family.
But judging is reserved for God & Karma.

We raise our children to give to others before self & family.  Where we (mr & I) may not always be treated like king & queen of the house . . .as long as our children are putting others before themselves, we considered things a success.
Then we started hearing about how we were raising our children with the wrong values. . . 
We raise them to live by Karma. She is a mythical creature that we tease the kids about being in our home and keeping track of their every move waiting to attack for selfish behavior in the inbetweens of the world.
They know the story it is a joke - but that Karma is real.
Sacrifice is the key . . .and we must all do it for others.

I am grateful I have a hard working husband who values what I do.
I am grateful that my oldest son who has a deep love of poetry and poetry in music.
I am grateful that my daughter is so powerful in her mind that she can accomplish anything.
I am grateful that my youngest dreams big (and sings to me).
I am grateful for the extra years I have been given with my dad.
I am grateful for my uncle who can find a song in anything we say.  
I am grateful that my brother and SIL are both practical and dreamers.
I am grateful for sisters who share values and see incredible journeys in life and books.
I am grateful for those who are not blood, but are family.

I am blessed with so many gifts in my life I couldn't possibly count them all.

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