Wednesday, January 22, 2014

25 Days, day 2

Don’t interrupt your husband.
Don’t criticize your husband.
Don’t snap at your kids.
Don’t make fun of anyone in your family.
Speak softly and in soothing tones to your family.
Say three kind things to everyone in your home today.

I am pretty sure this one will be a piece of cake.  
No, not really.  I am a sarcastic person and feel free to do so in my house.  Poking fun at my family is something I do in light - never malicious.  I can take some time and change that though.  Hopefully, the kids will make a few of their own changes in the way they treat each other.

Now - on to the rules about how to treat your mr.  I think that specifying that those are not ways to treat your mr. is silly - you shouldn't interrupt anyone or criticize anyone.  I'll be adapting those two.

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