Saturday, March 31, 2012

Eat Pray Love

Okay, I haven't watched the whole movie - that costs $ or good timing which I have neither of.  Funny to me.
This movie is FULL of quotables.  I love it.

  I'm very lonely since my sister and niece left.  So are my kids.
Having my house full of people fills my heart.

High school baseball has begun and Jason squeezed onto the team . . . not because of talent, but his grades were holding him back.  Ugh that boy.  Just do the work and turn it in.  Participate in class - don't sleep.  Just conform a little bit - its no big deal.  You're not conforming in your heart, just your actions.  Its okay.

Deep inside, I am wondering if letting him home school wouldn't be best for him.  He wants it so he can spend more time in the winters playing hockey and sleeping.  I think he should be enjoying the high school experience though.  Chat in the halls, go to a party, date . . . but those things aren't on his priority list.  He talks about wanting to hang out with friends but rarely does.  I've observed that his friends are team mates of whatever sport he is playing.   Its how we raised him - but I often wonder if he is missing out on something and I think that is why I want him to stay in school.  
I see the value in homeschooling though.  Giving him the educational tools he needs and letting him LIVE outside of school and sports. Maybe get a job when he isn't skating.  

Gosh - I think back on how many times I said I'd never consider this - letting him make hockey his everything.  He is doing it all on his own though.  It is his everything and I had nothing to do it.  I wish he could understand that without good grades, he will be completely overlooked by all of the right coaches though.

Why do I let this child consume me?

Carly is doing amazing for a 6 grade girl.  DRAMA of course and her language deficit certainly makes the drama worse, but boy is she amazing.  She pulled off honor roll for the third time this year.  She is determined to do well and I love that love that love that!  She turns 12 in a few days and we are so financially strapped that I don't know what to get her.  She has planned an unbelievable party - she didn't clear the time with me and now I've got to chaperon kids from 4:30 to 10?!!!!!?  WTF?  She has no idea how long that really is.
She and I are going shopping today for a birthday gift for her friend.  Maybe I'll get some good ideas that way. 
Speaking of . . . I'd better go.  Will catch you up on Caden next time.

Love -n- smiles from the heart!


Amanda said...

Hunter wants Law school which he is fully capable of getting done if he would turn his work in on time as well. His teachers all love him & say his potential is HUGE, just that he socializes to much! Crazy kids- they do consume all our time, but I think they are suppose too. said...

Jason is J through and through . . . if he is annoyed at a teacher, he wont perform for them. He is social and "the funny guy", but mostly he wants to skate and sleep - so that is our problem. Law school huh? WOW! Jason will go into something science related - his goal is forensics - I tried to get him to apply for the nursing program at a local high school, but hes too tough for that even though it would put him steps ahead in science entering college. I guess I understand though.