Thursday, April 5, 2012

Enjoy it

It doesn't matter what it is - enjoy it!  If you don't like it and it is making you increasingly unhappy - STOP IT!

That's my soap box for today.

I really am into enjoying things!  I totally enjoyed coloring eggs on my own this year!  We eat a ton of hard boiled eggs so I started putting dye in the water after they cook just so we can enjoy sweetly colored eggs!
PROBLEM:  the blue wouldn't stick, hmmmm

So that is when I decided to add a bit of food coloring and vegetable oil (thanks Pinterest) to baggies and drop in my eggs 1, 2, or 3 at a time.  TOTAL SUCCESS!  THANK YOU!  No mess and pretty eggs to enjoy - YAY!
****I rinsed the dye and oil off each egg when I took it out of the bag (after only about 8 seconds after they were in bag) - I didn't have messy fingers or messy anything****

I have also enjoyed getting Carly's birthday party ready.  We had family over Monday night and did cake-n-ice cream along with a breakfast burrito bar.  It was totally hectic and I didn't plan enough time to finish wrapping her gifts, but I had a great time!  We got Carly her yearly Converse . . . that girl just LOVES them.  I'm not sure she has ever NOT had a pair or two hanging around. EVER!

Friday night she is having a party in Grandpa and Granny Theresa's basement.  She wanted lighted lanterns but I just couldn't justify buying them - for it to look cool, we'd have had to spend 50-80 dollars on them.  Not an option!  We made hanging lanterns out of a 10$ pack of animal print scrap-booking paper!  I had lights left over from a wedding shower and we hung them inside the lanterns.  I'll get some pictures when everything is all set up.  I still need to get Totino's pizzas, drinks, chips, animal print curtains, a table cloth, cover the windows, place the signs at the roads and then shuttle kids form their school dance to the party.  hmmmmm - I am sure I will enjoy it but will be missing my sis - I know she'd love it too!

So hey ya'll -  find something today and enjoy it to the fullest!  Even if its listening to Fleetwood Mac while you dance around the kitchen putting away your dishes!

Love and miles of smiles!

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