Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Came and Went

Christmas came and went.
My tree is still standing (13'8" high)
      It is still drinking water and the pine cones are popping
            Music to my ears.
The kids' gifts are no longer all over the living room.
       They are secure in boxes by the mammoth tree . . .
               On the kitchen table . . .
                     On the stairs . . .
                           On the counter . . .
                                 And even the floor of my shower.
The Kinect is played daily
                        (is minutely even a word?)
Most of the gifts have been delivered or picked up . . . most
          not all
              isn't that true every year?

Our kids were blessed this season with Nook Tablets.  They are all filling them up with books, apps, and watching Netflix.  They are so pleased and happy that I am so pleased and happy.

You know what else makes me happy?  Jason's new luggage from Grandpa.  We packed a weeks worth of clothes in it and sent him off to a tournament in Seattle the day after Christmas.  They have played 2 games already - one win, one tie.  He has a goal and a penalty - not great, but acceptable.  Personally, I think he could work harder.  But I always think that.

Carly is off to cousin Madison's house to spend the night.  We gathered up all of the gifts for them and went over today since we didn't see them on Christmas.  We got them a tote of Christmas decor for next year, labels, sharpies, tape, and wrapping paper.  Ridiculous I know, but it was all 70% off.  LOVE IT!  Carly packed up her nook and pillow pet, put on her new middle schooler type clothes, and went out for the night looking totally adorable in her new jacket from Grandpa.  Her other jacket went missing at a hockey practice.  Grandpa felt pretty bad about that and picked her out a white jacket on HUGE discount.  YAY and she loves it.  I was sketchy about a white jacket, but not her.  She even found a head band to match for 2$.  WOW.
She also acquired new bedding - NOT a mommy blanket.  She has always wanted bedding from a store, not from mom.  Her last quilt was made by me and given to her for her 7th birthday.  Her first was made for her for her 4th birthday.  She is 11 and has finally got something else.

Caden has been stuck like glue to his nook.  He is deeply into parkour and spends much time watching you tube videos and martial arts movies.  I introduced him to Jet Li last night and he was already a big Jackie Chan fan.  He also loved, loved, loved his legos.

So, I lay here on the huge lounge style sofa sectional and listen to Jay snore at 9:30 pm, to rock music coming from Caden's Nook even though he has earbuds in, and to the history channel (which I am not a huge fan of). The tree and stove, alike, are crackling.  Esme is stirring, trying to get comfortable on the sofa as I move the pillows around, and I can hear the clothes spinning in the dryer.  It is quiet and peaceful, but sad.

I miss my kids when they aren't home, especially after a holiday when they are off of school.

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