Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Welcome 2012

Before I forget, go check out I heart this blog. It is one of my all time favorite feel-good, no complaining blog.  It's subtle fun and I look forward to each post.

Jason had a great tournament in Seattle.  I have FB, but hate updating things about him on there.  So many people are the brag-moms, I just don't want that to be me . . . but this is barely read, so I can brag away.

Jase had a 9 point weekend.  This included a hat trick one game getting him the Player of the Game medal and then three assists in the next game getting him play-maker.  One player actually told him his mom didn't like him or his line because they were competition.  Parents can be so rotten.  Think it - fine, but to say it?  Jeepers.

He is hard at work back with high school hockey now and he leaves again Thursday morning for Wasilla ($$$$$).

I'm off to shower and hopefully (blah) head into Fairbanks (at -40) to get Jason's passport done (more $).

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