Saturday, October 1, 2011

What Does Your Day Have In Store?

Oh Saturday  - Welcome!

Hmm, up at 5:50 a.m.  Three hours later . . . still up and for no real reason.  I could totally be sleeping and enjoying my nice, warm bed - but I'm not.  And if I'm not careful, the little ones will hear me and come down to ruin my solitude.

So, hours before the sun came up I was up making eggs with bologna for J and one of the big boys.  J works Saturdays - delivering mail and visiting his beloved community members.  The big boy had a meeting with an old coach.  I may have woke him up a little early, but I like to send them out the door with a warm meal.  I figure it is the least I can do while I'm not working.  On days I sub, I won't be able to do that - so I like to spoil my big family when I can!  After all, I am totally spoiled myself and must repay the favor.

In a half hour or so I will have to wake up Jason.  He must be driven into Fairbanks to help out some of the elderly on J's mail route. He will be blowing leaves today and boy is it COLD out.  We had our first sign of snow yesterday and then it rained last night and it turned to ice when it hit the roads. He will be one cranky, cold 14 yr old.  Working for free isn't always a teen's idea of fun, but it is necessary to becoming a good member of society.

I will have to make a Sam's Club run while he is working - and if I'm lucky, get my nails done.  I soooo love having my nails done, but I am not a fan of how long they are.  I need short, sporty nails though, not long, glamorous ones!  I'm so NOT glamorous.  Oh well.

After Sam's I'll have to pick Jase back up so he can get home to eat and rest before his hockey game. I've got to have him at the cold rink by 4 for a 5:15 game.  He is going to be VERY unhappy with me.

I haven't mentioned the little ones have I?  Well, they will be home with the other big boy, sleeping the day away and then cleaning up if they're feeling froggy enough.  Their goals are to clean the downstairs bathroom, steam the kitchen and dining floor, stack wood, and then clean up the garage to make room for guests this evening.

HA, I just made that sound so mature.  Actually, ITS BALL NIGHT!  Thirty guests or so to come over for meatball sandwiches.  The meatballs are made and will simmer all day.  The garage has to get all cleaned up to make room for darts, air hockey, and bumper pool.  I'm afraid this evening will be one that goes on, and on, and on, and on. That is the worst part of Ball night - I'm a little grown up for the all night, man, beer parties.

Well, I hope you all have a great, productive Saturday.
I must get a move on now, grab a hot shower, and try to wake the teen-beast.

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