Sunday, October 2, 2011

Meatball Friday on Saturday Night!

Meatball Friday was a great success and so much fun.  There were only about 20 or so people this time, not much at all, but it was a great mix of people.  We ended up with 3 poodle mix puppies running around and our Sister.  There were only 3 kids under six and only went through 1 bag of Goldfish and 1 bag of Doritos.  There were 3 teenagers, a tween, 2 big boys, and Caden.  I waited until the house was empty except for our 7, Phil, and Haanah.  We played some darts, bumper pool, and air hockey while we listened to old records.  Yes, records.  I love getting pictures with my kids.
Oh, Jason?  He had to leave with his friend Cam to be in Fairbanks so they could get to their 8:15 am practice on time and then go sell raffle tickets.  He did not get to enjoy our late night photo session and games.  And, no pictures of the big boys . . . this time.  Jake flips out when you take his picture and he and John were arguing like brothers do.

Carly and I.  This shows how tall my 11 yr old is getting and just how incredibly beautiful she is! 
Father and son chalking the cue.  They had some serious bonding moments.  The two of them were up all night.

Oh boy!  What a nut.

My adorable husband of 16+ years!

My "sister" Haanah, Carly-on-her-toes, and me - the short,old lady.

Caden and J.  Such buddies all night!

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