Friday, September 30, 2011

Foto Friday

Happy Friday!  This is Meatball Friday weekend (but having it Saturday).  We have meatball deliveries to make today and then will make another batch of 150 or so for Saturday evening.  Meatball weekends are always so fun and I can't wait to see all of the faces that will be popping in after Jason's game tomorrow afternoon.  Thinking of all of you that won't get to enjoy ball night.  Wish you were closer so you could wrap your mouth around the giant Italian balls.  - Yep, it never gets old.
Enjoy Foto Friday.

Arctic Lions Bantam Tier I team.  Truly the most immature Bantams in the country.
Jason is in the back row on the far right.  Yep, the one behaving while the coach sticks his finger in his ear.   

My birch trees as they lose their leaves in September.  I love birch trees!

A picture Caden when Jay and I took him out to dinner before one of Jason's hockey games this last weekend.  Caden  had already eaten but had a craving for cheese sticks - he thought the container for his snack was the coolest thing.  I just love that kid - 

Some of my Autumn decorations.  I usually don't decorate at all, but I finally realized that the decorations are a way to refresh my home as the weather changes.  It happens rather fast up here and can get depressing in you aren't busy.  I am loving the new decorations though and it warms the feeling of my home, especially when I light all the candles and start a fire.  

Me and my big girl, Sister.
 We got her the summer we moved to Alaska.  Caden wasn't quite 2, and neither was Sister.  They have grown up together and seem to be best friends. I call her my big momma now.  She is graying around the eyes and nose, she gets sore hips if she plays catch too much, and she runs to round up our Cavapoo pup, Esme, when it is time to come inside.  Sister did a great job training Esme too.  She potty trained her and taught her that indoors is for laying and outdoors is for playing.  Sister is an amazing dog.  She was a rescue by GRRF and trained well after they fixed her hips - she had fallen out of a truck.  She is excellent with children, especially babies.  They can do anything they want with her and if we say "nice", sister will take it all.  If we don't, she will occasionally get up and walk away.  She is always gentle.  When the kids were little, she would round them up too by nudging them toward me or grabbing their sleeve or mitten with her teeth and pulling them toward me.  She is very social too.  That is just a nice way of saying she loves to run around the neighborhood and visit.  And she loves, loves, loves hunting season!  That means someone has moose bones in their backyard somewhere and she just needs to sniff them out.
Neighborhood dogs love her too.  Other labs and retrievers are always stopping by to say "hi" and run around the yard with her.
Looking for a dog?  Try a pre-trained rescue.  They become instant family members and bring unconditional love and joy to your children.

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