Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Mint of a Day . . .

Monday I wore my favorite little jacket.  For a long time, it just didn't fit right.  Now, it fits like a comfy glove.  It is a stretchy green corduroy with puckers in the back and big brown buttons down the front.  I just love it, but I admit, it isn't everyone's cup of tea.

Next to me is my new-to-me, adorable, mint green Ford Focus!!!
It gets, like, a million miles to the gallon and it is so stinkin' cute!  I feel like a mobile commercial every time I get in.

I have a 2003, well lived in, Honda Pilot.  It is an amazing vehicle.  I has 3rd row seating, DVD, headphone jacks, charging outlets everywhere, leather seats . . . and about 100 puck and baseball dings-of-love.  I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE my Pilot (and its green too- you can kind of see it behind the Focus).  I had decided I would buy a new car in 5 yrs, when Carly turns 16.  Jay decided to buy one Monday.  He is a jump into it kind of guy.  I told him I have such a hard time not getting excited when he dangles such fun ideas in front of me.  Then he gets more excited about doing it, then, before we know it, we have a car.

I drove a Focus this summer in Minnesota and loved it.  I especially loved not having to buy much gas.  At $3.80 or so a gallon, it was such a selling point.

We happened upon this mint green gem while driving through Seekins Monday.  It is a 2011 and only had 4800 miles on it.  They were asking $17995.00 and we walked away with it at $14440.00 including the extended warranty.  We put a little down, but Jay's friend and co-coach approved us for a screamin' deal without us feeling like we took advantage of his friendship.  I know for many of you who do not live in Alaska that won't seem like such a deal, but cars are a bit more spendy up here.  A 2012 without bells and whistles was going for 18-23K.  I'm so stupid happy about this mint little car!

I drove all around yesterday, and even stuffed a hockey bag in the back and took Jase to hockey.  To fit the sticks, we have to put the seat down, but I don't even care.

Its so cute and it matches my jacket (in an odd way).

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