Thursday, September 22, 2011

Weigh in . . .

Candy corns sure make for a sucky weigh-in.

NOOOOOO I didn't gain any weight!  Geesh, how many candy corns do you think I ate?

It was only, like, 6 (or 8) (maybe 12-15 in two days).

I simply adore candy corns - in Autumn flavors, candy apple flavor, chocolate flavor, original . . . The candy corn just may be my favorite candy.  I smell them in my sleep (or maybe I'm sleep walking to the kitchen table).

If I think real hard, I can taste their gritty sweetness on my tongue.

Oh, the Candy Corn . . .
Do you exist simply to torture me as you sit in those adorable jars all gussied up with autumn ribbons?

Good Night & Sweet Candy Corn Dreams!

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