Friday, September 23, 2011

Home Coming Weekend . . .

Yeah, it doesn't really mean anything here and that makes me SAD!

My son goes to the high school I graduated from and now its homecoming.  I was one of those horrible cheerleaders that totally got into all of the high school events.  I worked on homecoming floats, I attended assemblies, ya know, the whole high school experience.

I think Jason would be like that . . . but he plays hockey.

This weekend he has 3 hockey games that happen to coincide with the homecoming football game.  The homecoming dance happens right after his 3rd game Saturday.

He is in game mode and said its to make his dad realize he is serious about hockey.

I feel bad for him. . . though I did get him to go to the last 45 minutes of the homecoming bonfire last night after his hockey practice.  I have to remember he has 3 more years of high school after this one and 5 more homecomings (fall and winter).

Sometimes I worry that he will be giving up so much of the high school experience for hockey - but I have to trust him and support his decision.  If he wants to give hockey his all, I guess I'm in, to a point.  I will not support him leaving town at 16 to live with another family thousands of miles away and home school himself.  I don't think I have to worry about that though . . . he isn't very big and his stats don't reflect his passion and speed.

So, his goal is to play for our local NAHL team as a high schooler . . . I'm afraid he'll be sadly disappointed though.  We aren't rolling in dough and he's never been a favorite of coaches.  Unfortunately, in our small town, things like money matter - who you're parents are - what school you go to - who your coaches were - yada yada yada.

Only time will tell - we'll see how the season goes.  They learn who their Captains are tonight - course, when the players know who the coaches choices are, its tough for them to vote honestly. . . so - probably the same ol' - same ol'.

Then there is high school hockey - hard to tell how much playing time a little guy will get.  BUT he DID just grow another 1/2 inch in the last 2 days.  He's always surprised by joint pain, but it always results in height.

Ya'll wanted to know about hockey - I'm sure.  Well, get used to it . . . its our life.  Three games this weekend and two days of tryouts for Carly.  I need a place to whine about what I don't like because I hate voicing my unhappiness in front of anyone around here - and it isn't fair for me to say anything about the players or team to Jason.  The kids have enough issues without their parents making it worse!


Amanda said...

I understand, Soccer is slowly becoming our world.Jacob's is NOT the fastest at all on the field or the biggest at the moment. But he loves it & that is all that matter. Thank goodness he is super smart so maybe if the sports doesn't work out the academics will when it comes time for scholarships.

Share said...

we had our homecoming weekend here too, we lost the game, but Wow what support from the crowd! said...

Missed the game and he was on the fence about the dance. If his friend Dana could go, he would take her. But she is sick - saves me money though . . .