Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Full House?

So, last year we decided we could use our spare room to billet a NAHL hockey player that would be in Fairbanks for the hockey season. We were excited to have someone around that our sons could look up to. Our special little guy was hand picked by the GM (someone we've known for years) just for us.  He was 21, from Minnesota, down to Earth, "self-sufficient", and respectful and HUGE.

I'm not a big girl, only 5'1 on a good day.  My husband is big to me at 5'9.  My children were like munchkins out of Oz last year.  At 6'5, 220lbs, we welcomed John into our home and made him a part of the family, moodiness and all.  We jumped right into have a young adult around, utilized him for babysitting and driving the teen around.  We supplied a car (and insurance) for this "self-sufficient" young man.  I cleaned his room, gathered his laundry and often cooked full meals for the little tyke at 11:00 p.m. after hockey games.  By the end of the season, he was finally home sick and couldn't get out of here fast enough.

A job opening came up to help coach hockey at my son's high school, and, well, he's back and he isn't alone.  We now have two young men living in our "play room".  He brought his brother with him this time and they've got some pretty big dreams.  Work, school, hunting, getting their first place . . . survival at 45*below (mind you we couldn't even get him to plug his car in last year or start it up to warm up the engine before taking off to practice).

So, I thought my kids fought.  They don't hold a candle to Jake and John!  I guess I missed the knock-down drag out last night that had my daughter so shook up she couldn't concentrate on homework.

"You're such a bleeeeeeeping bleeeeep"
"Don't touch my stuff"
and on
and on
and on
These boys are moody, moody, moody.  I'm not surprised - at all.

21 & 19 - living 3000 miles from home - working 6 days a week at a dirty job - It isn't even cold out yet.  What will they do cooped up indoors all winter?  I'm thinking they'll need some "happy light" therapy.

John we know how to handle - Jake is another story.  He is spending so much time alone in his room I get worried.  I know I should just leave him alone and let him work through it, but that just isn't me. I actually woke them up early this morning so they could have a warm breakfast.  Jake left here with a smile - John, cranky.  There is NO winning I'm sure, but I'll keep trying.

Life with 5 kids . . . Cooking is interesting.  I never know if there will be enough food to go around. And sometimes there isn't.  Laundry is another story - oh, let them do their own?  Uh, P.U.!!!  My kids are clutterers, but these boys are messy!  I can only laugh, then send J upstairs to have them clean up their nasty bottles full of chew before the dogs decide to dump them over and eat it.  And the Cheeze-it wrappers - I thought there was a great new rug under the bed, nope, just a sheet of cheeze-it bags.

We just go with it and wouldn't have it any other way.  What a life lesson is raising young men!  Its like getting a practice run before Jason and Caden get there.


Share said...

Sounds like fun! Lucky you?

Amanda said...

LOL- had to smile some of it sounds like my house now with a soon to be 15 year old & a 13 year old- OMG! The hormones & moody behavior I swear they are Bi-Polar! Good luck!

Patty said...

Love it! Where are they working?