Friday, July 15, 2011

Day Five

Got up early - ish. By nine. Got a workout in, vacuumed, went to the store -

I actually had a great workout. I loved it and I am loving feeling like I'm finally changing my body. My pants are now roomy and I could stand to have some smaller ones, but I've got a lot of smaller ones back home and I NOT going to spend any more money that I don't need to. As it is, I want a new handbag before I leave. Something leather and adult. I probably should have grabbed one in Mexico, but couldn't bear spending the money then either. Some times I feel like I could just toss it around like lettuce, but others my good sense gets the best of me - Thankfully.

So I grabbed some steak and chicken at the store. That will be good sliced up and cooked with some great McCormick seasoning.

We also went out for drinks and some dinner. I love the inexpensive prices. For me to go grab a dinner it's under 10$. To take the whole family out at home its a gazillion dollars. Its tough when you're pinching pennies. I had a nice grilled chicken sandwich (in lettuce instead of bread), The cooked broccoli was great too, but was probably cooked in butter though.

Its been such a great day. Tomorrow? Possibly a trip up to see Jason play some hockey.

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