Thursday, July 14, 2011

Day Four

A totally lazy day with a headache. It rained and I was tired. I managed a workout of sorts though. Squats -n- stuff. Felt good.

I did venture out to Pier 1 and picked up a thank you gift and some birthday gifts. At least I'm getting something done. I also hit Walgreens. Used to love that store. The one I was in today, not so much. Dirty and icky without the great prices I remember from PA.

Then I job hunted online. I see some positions I'd like and wish I had access to my resume' so I could get a jump start on applying. I hate to wait until I get home but may have to.

Then we went out to dinner. Oh I had a great burger wrapped in lettuce with some cucumbers on the side and tomatoes. I know I didn't eat enough of my allotted veggies today, but I sure loved my burger - mmmmmm baby. I won't indulge in another one while I'm here probably, but I enjoyed this one. Maybe a steak next time?

Tomorrow is my 20th high school reunion back home. Do wish I could be there - I missed the last one too. Ah well, there is always something. Jason talks to Jay daily. Sounds like he is having a good time and enjoying camp life. I'm so glad. It would be great if he could come back next year.

Good night all. I think I'll try and hit Minnehaha Falls tomorrow and take a walk. Maybe something else too - like outdoor reading or something (like outdoor napping).

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