Sunday, July 17, 2011

Day Six

A visit with Jason and John.
I watched Jason play hockey and then we shopped and ate before taking him back to camp. Then we just did some housekeeping stuff like laundry. Okay, clarification. I tried to get him to do laundry and I ended up doing it for him. Then he wasn't around when I needed to put it into his room - so I put it in the back of my car. I did consider leaving it in the dryer for someone else to throw around so he'd have to clean it all up but we were supposed to be meeting John for dinner. John eventually just drove out to meet us and we had a nice little reunion.
Then, they posed for some pictures for me. That's right, posed. but I didn't torture them long. I didn't feel like sitting there either.
I ended up getting back to St. Paul after 11 pm. I left about 8:30 am to make it down there for his 11:15 game. I did make it despite nasty traffic on 35W due a flooded area.

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