Friday, January 7, 2011


On my way into work on Thursday I passed an accident. I was quite a while after the accident, but not so long that there was nothing left to gawk at.

So there was a rescue truck, an ambulance, several police cars and a fire truck. Officers were taking photos of an SUV and some fireman were working under it's hood.

What caught my eye however, was the woman waiting at the cross walk of the intersection. Next to the flashing lights and red & white vehicles, stood a woman in a long dark coat - the kind that covers almost everything but your ankles-, dark earmuffs and dark grey mittens. It was early morning and the wasn't much light, only the flashing of strobes and blinking on the stop lights.
I noticed the woman because in all of the darkness, there she stood, not looking to her side at the accident, in her bright red scarf.

If I would have had a camera on me, it would have made a profound photo.

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