Sunday, January 2, 2011


I hate resolutions. They don't work. It isn't because I'm weak, though I have moments of weakness quite frequent. I should be able to make decisions anytime in my life and I should be allowed to alter them at any moment. So, two years ago I reserved the right to alter my resolutions any stinkin' time I want. I decided I would resolve to do ONE thing that I knew I could I could accomplish, though it would be a challenge. It wouldn't be something life-changing. It wouldn't be something profound.
The first year it was to read every day. I did not accomplish that due to a medical issue - a severe allergy attack that left me in and out of it for days. I regret that I didn't read a book a couple of those days, but I also have allowed myself to understand that it was okay, and I did not fail.
This last year, I vowed not to pay more than $13.99 for a book, Nook or otherwise. Hooray for me, I did it. Well, okay, hold on. I did not pay more than $13.99 for a book for me. I think that is okay. I did not overindulge for myself. Which brings me to the number one thing I resolve this year.

1) I resolve not to OVER-indulge in myself at Prospector. It is very important that I do this. It is very important that I can prove that I can do this. I will test myself soon, as I have a gift credit there for $23.00 that I need to use soon.

2) I resolve to continue to be a good person. I will do good for others, continue to put all others before myself, and work hard not to speak ill of those whom I harbor ill feelings toward. I cannot stop the ill feelings. I know that. I have a right to them and to my opinions. I do not have the right to speak ill of people though. No one does. We share this beautiful earth with one another for a reason.

3) I resolve to continue to love my Earth. I am grateful to Mother Earth and all she has given me. I was able to venture out today on my skis into my Grandfather's field and give thanks for my upbringing, my love of art, music, and nature. I came home and made a fantastic roast made from potatoes, carrots, peas, onion, moose meat, and rice. Oh man was it good and was I myself for allowing Mother Earth to provide it for me.

4) I will continue to try and read everyday and continue to be conscious of what I am spending on them.

Finally, I vow to obtain knowledge without the use of technology. Not all year of course, but at least once. I recently read a quote about technology not being as important as knowledge. I am reading a book that is for another post - but it is really making me think twice about wonderful things like "" and other online research.

I have listed far too many resolutions. As I said before, I do not believe in them exactly. I have made two resolutions in my midst of listing 5. I will not over indulge at Prospector and I will obtain knowledge without using technology. The others were recapped and vows to continue previous years' resolutions.

To all of you, Good Luck in keeping your resolutions and have a great year. I believe in 2011 and what it may bring. I do not believe in regrets - chin up and take what is coming to you - make it good, make it bad - the choice is ultimately yours and how you react will decide your level of happiness.


Missy said...

They sound good to me!

Amanda said...

I never make resolutions either. I always fail then I feel awful. Goodluck on yours, they sound great! I may borrow the Read everyday, that I might be able to accomplish- does it count if we are a week into the new Year?? said...

I think the great thing about resolving to do something is that it is on your terms. The idea of doing it only because it is a new year is insane.

Barnes and Noble has some great (but not necessarily good) cheap downloads. I got a book for .99C that was on the paranormal teen romance side - it was really awful - but I totally got sucked in.

Have fun reading!