Saturday, October 2, 2010

Busy Busy Saturdays

I honestly thought this year would be a breeze with only one child in hockey.
Yeah, not so much. Carly decided she wanted to play hockey with the girls team. So, we jumped right on that and in a matter of a day or two had her signed up to play on the 10-12U Ice Breaker rec team. We took her in to PIAS and Toby fitted her with everything she needed that she wasn't already getting from her brother, Jason.
I got up today at 6:45am. I know, I know. It's Saturday. I got all showered and ready and then had to wake the troops - NO ONE wanted to get up and I even let them sleep until 7:30!
At 8:30 we ran Caden over to spend the day with Grandpa. The rest of us then headed into Fairbanks. We had to be at the rink on Ft. Wainwright by 9:15 so Jason had time to lace his skates up and gear up for practice. He had the 9:45 am ice slot.
Carly's new team had the ice slot at 12:15 (at the same rink . . . yay!)
She had a great time! She may not have been the best looking skater on the ice but she really loved the one-on-one attention she got and thought all of her coaches were so nice! She is already learning player's names too. We were so happy for her. It isn't often that she finds a sport she loves and can't wait to play. Hopefully this feeling lasts for her.
We were at the rink from 9am until 2pm. It was a crazy long day, and every Saturday this month will be like this or crazier.


Patty said...

Im going to have to catch a game of hers sometime! said...

I guess they scrimmaged the other day and jay said she was just clueless - You'd think as much hockey as she has had to watch, something would have sunk in. Oh well, eventually.