Thursday, July 1, 2010

Pictures are Slow Coming

Slowly, I am moving pictures to an external hard drive so that I can move them to another computer, so that I can put them into the blog. I still have our vacation pictures to move - its a long process - I have to relabel them all first - and there are hundreds and hundreds.

Caden and his newest love, Joleene.
He caught an injured "butterfly" and built it a habitat. It was on its death bed and he wanted to help it until it could fly away on its own. He paid a lot of attention to it, left the boxes lid open all of the time so it could fly away when it was ready. For an afternoon, he took it around everywhere he went outside. It just couldn't fly off, it had a tear in a wing. It occasionally flew in the house, but always went back on Caden's finger.
If you look carefully, you'll see that Caden's left side of his face is round and swollen. He had his first bee sting of the season. He scratched the stinger out immediately and ran in the house for medicine. He had two days of benadryl and we were lucky that this is all that happened. The swelling didn't occur until the following day.

Braces on . . .

Braces off. That water bottle is FULL of candy from her orthodontist. She has some grown up teeth to come in, and then possibly putting braces back on. In the mean time, she gets her retainer today to support the work we've already done. She loves her teeth now and has vowed to make them white. She brushes hard, has a new sonic tooth brush, and doesn't seem to mind flossing. Hopefully, she keeps it up.

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