Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy Independence Day America!

This year truly felt independent. Independent of all of cooking that is involved with picnics and BBQs. Independent of the money that often sprouts wings and flies out of my checking account, personal loan account, and any other source of money I have. Independent of all expectations. It was freeing and relaxing . . . a scene out of a 1982 after-school special, or a 2010 lifetime movie. All that was missing was the drama of some horrible decision to drink and drive or something of the sort. If it were 1982, it would have been some poor wife getting beat after the guests went home, a child falling in the river, or metal abuse during a get together because the wife didn't remember to pick up ice or made potato salad with yolks and forgot the paprika. 2010 drama seems to be so 90210 - affairs, guns, drugs, drunk driving, slutty texts or the drama involved in the kids' divorced parents trying to plan BBQs for the same day.
My fourth was freeing - we packed up the car with changes of clothes, all of the buns, burgers and hot dogs we could find - grabbed last minute fishing licenses, put poles in the Honda and headed 1/2 hour away to the Salcha River. It was icky out, but not raining. Eventually the sun peeled the clouds out of the sky and we enjoyed summer heat in Alaska (before we enjoyed scrambling to pick it all up when the rain finally did begin).
Here is Haanah, Jay, Carly, Jason, and my Dad around the fire build in the nice pit someone left for us. This is before the sun and before Jason decided the day could be grand.
Here is Carly and cousin Phil hauling wood for our fire. She is always happy and content with him. He can tell him anything and he respectfully listens.
I tried had to get a good picture of my kids by the river. My camera wasn't cooperating and neither was Jason's face.
Ahh, proof of the day's perfection. Jason was the BEST big brother yesterday which only added to the elation and freedom of the day. I was free of fighting kids. Jason searched for rocks with Caden in the cold river. He also played with him with one of his toy trucks that happened to float down the river more than once between the boys. They off they went to play Survivor-Man and they built their own fire and worked on a shelter. We were out there most of the day and Jason spent it all with his little brother. As you can see here, this is why I included a change of close for each child. One time, Caden bent over a little too far and Jase had to swoop him up by the back of his shirt - it was the collar however and Caden felt like he was choking anyway.
My dad and Theresa came out to do a little fishing. Theresa fly fished in her waders out in the middle of the river while Dad fixed poles for everyone. He set us all up with the proper lure and made sure all of the poles reel were working. He even pulled a chair out there and fished himself for a while. I feel like the luckiest person on the planet.

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Patty said...

It really does look like the perfect day!!