Monday, July 5, 2010

Back Yard Camping

After we left the River we tried one more fishing spot - it was full of skeeters, not much room, and the fish just weren't biting where I was willing to go. So, we packed it in and came home to our backyard to finish off the 4th of July. It started with BBQing more burgers and dogs. The kids were madly looking for some fun, assuming it must continue if we haven't sent them inside by then. They rounded up the neighbors and we started part two of the perfect July 4th.
I was telling Haanah that I finally felt like an adult.
We started putting in a lawn and the look of green instead of brown is so therapeutic. It isn't luscious or weed free, but it will be someday. It is serene despite the ugly spruce trees and rocks outlining the yard. I also spent some time Saturday painting things I just hadn't gotten around to. What a difference some blue/grey around my door and on my old tables make. Add a little Jack Johnson out of the iHome and you've reached perfection. Well, that and a good game of Lawn Darts. Yes, that's right. Lawn Darts from Pay-n-Save 20 something years ago.
Here is a picture of my home from the street out the back. It is about 1am here, I really feel like my life is coming together as things get completed.
This is the home I grew up in, out the side yard of my new house. Jason and his buddy Lane are putting up a tent to have a July 4th camp out. It is exactly what boys are supposed to do on nice holiday weekends in the summer. I can remember thinking that it is just such a perfect thing to camp out on a nice summer night after a picnic and fireworks. I don't think I've ever done it, but it was great to watch my kids do it.
Carly got in on the firework action with some sparklers.
And, of course, she posed by our backyard fire for some pictures!
Here is a picture of my vision of childhood perfection. The younger boys set up our tent in our back yard, brought out a telescope, and we all cooked marshmallows around the fire and visited until it was too late to function.
Funny thing about this was there was no way to see anything with the telescope, as it just doesn't get dark enough in the summer up here in the North Pole. They didn't care, it was all just a part of the experience.
The rock pit was my favorite part of the weekend I think. We got some of our rocks from Theresa and Dad's house. I added a rock that Jason brought back for me from a Valdez trip he took with a friend. The rest of the rocks are from the Salcha River made Jason and Caden got so wet when they dug them out of the river itself instead of picking them off of the shore. I like to look over there and imagine the memories that will be made around it during summers to come. I will never forget each rock or each experience we have around it, beginning with last night.
It was almost perfect - then some folks showed up with alcoholic drama -
Can't have everything I suppose.


Share said...

totally jealous of your perfect 4th! glad everyone had a good time. said...

I feel like all of the stupid 4th's of the past led up to this one. I decided early on I'd do nothing stressful or spend money. I didn't have to worry about swimmers itch or renting a potty or Dad not being able to hang out. I could go on and on - all we missed was you & your fam!