Monday, July 19, 2010

My handy phone

I am patiently waiting on photos to make it cyberly from iPhone to my email so I can load them into my blog and talk about bee stings and pretty wild flowers. They haven't made it yet. In the mean time, I am watching, yet again, 27 Dresses. Poor stupid lying blond whose dingy blond haired sister is in love with her boyfriend.


I emailed the pictures to the wrong email address. Glad I checked that.

So, here is Jason sitting in the ER they after he got stung in
the nose. Poor guy doesn't even look like himself. He got some meds and ointment to prevent infections in his eye - but then got stung again today. So far, so good though - he must have had enough meds in his system to avoid a worse reaction.

So, here is a picture of the North Pole Pony baseball team that won the championship. They won all of their games. It was really cold and icky most of the evenings, but the boys played on.

And this is one of my recent favorite pictures. I took it at work. I love the stones in front, purple flowers, then yellow flowers, then white flowers, then the water. I love having the handiness of the iPhone.

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Patty said...

Would have never guessed that was Jase!