Sunday, July 25, 2010

Summer Love . . . with my garden

You all recognize this right? Uh-huh . . . weeds. Lots and lots of weeds that have taken over everything. So I should weed then - well, I DO!
I think I took care of most of it today except in the potatoes (above), and in all of the paths. All of the Paths. Did I mention that I have weeds in all of the paths? I know, there are ways to avoid this, but it costs money and takes more time than I really have.
So, except the weed thing . . . I'm SO TOTALLY EXCITED about my peas! We put them into a fresh garden salad tonight - so delicious. I am so fortunate to have production happening in there. My lettuce is doing great too. Broccoli however is another story. It just isn't growing. Well, it is growing, it just isn't getting thick and growing florets yet. Really though, it is super wimpy looking.

Well, maybe next year. For now I will enjoy what I am getting out of our garden. Lettuce, peas, a spinach leaf or two, and soon potatoes and carrots!!!
Mother Nature, I Love You.

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