Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I'm baaacckkk!

Yah hoo! I must congratulate my friend Patty for being so great about blogging. I've been keeping up, really . . . just with hers and my sister Sharon's.

Okay - now, Welcome MJ! My sister just had a baby girl named MayBelle Jane. SOOOO cute! I've only seen pictures but it looks like she has such a cute round head. I'm a sucker for a round headed child. I've got one myself. . . Wait - actually, I've got a round head and a child with a round head. So, Hooray for round heads!

I've been a really cruddy blogger because I had SO much to brag about that I didn't want to be a bragger. I know that is what a blog is for, but there was a lot going on.

Jason and his team WON state PEEWEE B hockey and got to go on to Reston, VA for Nationals. It was a crazy expensive trip but so great for everyone that got to go. I was not one of them. Oh well. Jay and Jase went and a lot of Jay's family drove down from PA and even Eddie from Massachusettes. The team ended up coming in 5th in their bracket of 12. The brackets were based on population of folks who signed up for USA Hockey. I was sad to miss it all after a season where I was involved with everything, but financially, sacrifices have to be made. That and, since the beginning of time, my mother was the only person I've ever know willing to watch my children for an extended period of time. Its nice to have Haanah and Phil so close because they love our kids and help out a lot, but they were on their much deserved vacation to Hawaii!

Carly did excellent in school. Her grades were great, she was making honor roll, entered the talent show - All around doing super. Right now she is away at camp with her cousin Madison. They are out at Harding Lake and I've already been called once to run out and fix the wire on her braces. She is so cute. She told me that her bunk mates were up talking late. I said it was all a part of the camping experience. She said, "No Mom. Our counselor told us to go to sleep." And she said that they weren't aloud to run on the trails going to breakfast but girls were running. She sees the world with such black and white rules. Funny for a girl who hops on the 4-wheeler and blazes new trails through the woods whether its a safe trail or not.

Caden ended up winning 1st in the district science fair. He is all about science, inventing, designing, and building. Today I was told, with tears running down his face, that he needed to make a cure for aging so I would live forever. So Touching.

While Carly has been away at camp I've taken Caden fishing and the boys to the lake twice to swim and soak up the beautiful 80 degree weather we are having here in the North Pole. I never thought I'd get this chunky mommy butt out to the lake where, God-forbid, I know someone - but I did it - twice this week even. Caden is such a great swimmer that I'm not worried (too much) about him and I can relax. Its a nice relief from the water phobic person I was before our cruise.

Oh yeah - we went on a cruise!!!!! The ship was . . . wobbly. But Mexico was so awesome that we got a time-share and are headed back twice next year and again in 2012. So Amazing! Pueblo Bonita in Mazatlan was delicious. Yes, I said "delicious"! The smells were incredible. I was sucked by the aroma. Absolutely the most wonderful thing I'd ever smelled. When we got back on the ship I went to the spa and asked for something that smelled like Mazatlan - and I got it. MMMMMMM Frangipani.

The attendant asked if I'd ever heard of Frangipani and I said, sure, he delivered my second child. I had no idea it was such an earth shattering scented oil as well.

I'll post photos and such but right now I have to run off to a ball game. Jase & his fellow North Pole O's are playing a game down at the middle school. I was given the "OK" today to attend a game since the last one I went to was a success. If they lose tonight I'm sure I'll be banned again though. My photo program in my computer keeps freezing so the pictures may be in tonight, or weeks from now.

Ta Ta

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Patty said...

Welcome back! Ive missed your postings...I haven't been doing that great either. I think Facebook gets in the way!

I need to come smell your stuff. Ive already forget how to spell it. Sounds very interesting though.

Is this Sharon that had the baby? The one that went to Twilight with us? Congrats to her...cute name too!