Monday, February 8, 2010


So, every once in a while I catch a couple episodes of Wife Swap. Today has been a real treat. There was a dirt eating, plant loving, mystical dancer with a fantasy game playing husband who traded with a meat cooking, house cleaning, cowboy's wife. Pure entertainment. Now there is a dirty, loud, wife with 24 pets trading with a OCD mom who makes lists for everything and compulsively cleans. Ugh, there is poo and pee everywhere at the pet home. And the OCD mom doesn't allow noise. Really. No noise.
And I don't see the benefit of doing this - This isn't the show that swaps and then spends 50 thousand dollars.

I have also been using my Nook. It has been enjoyable. I can read while I'm on the treadmill and the pages don't flip. Its heavy enough not to fall off if I run either. I have read Intertwined. It sounded good and it was good, very good. But it didn't end. So - I have to wait for the next one. Then I downloaded The Kitchen Witch. It is so far NOT what I was expecting. It isn't as good as I thought it would be, but its isn't bad at all. Just not what I was hoping for. I'm not sure if it is something I would recommend, I guess we'll wait and see.

My brother says I don't update this enough. And I don't. It seems that in the winter, especially this winter, Jason has occupied most of our moments that are significantly fun. There hasn't been enough money to do ANYTHING out of the norm. Well, I take that back. We got some gift certificates at Christmas for dinner and movies. It was great, we saw Sherlock Holmes and had a good dinner. Course, our inexpensive evening turned expensive on the way home when someone got a speeding ticket. We call it the Jason Donald curses.
I also took the little ones to see the Chipmunks Squeakual. They had a nice time and we took silly pictures and they got to eat popcorn and have slushies. This too happened because of some wonderful gift cards. Otherwise - we have been counting on hockey for entertainment and some good old fashioned 80's movies from Netflix.

I have been reading a lot lately about women I know "needing me time" and running off to countless nights out with pals and salon visits and massages - etc. I had no idea that women deserved so many personal expensive moments. Did you know that Patty? That we are supposed to be out at expensive salons, getting our hair done all the time, massages, and hanging out with the girls at the pubs and clubs? And ladies movie nights? Boy oh boy, do we live a different life up here.

Time to run and get my hair done (pull it in a pony tail), dance (shuffle off to the bedroom to dress), and have drinks with the neighbors (my dad is stopping by).


Anonymous said...

He's right, you dont update enough! Thanks!

Patty said...

No I did not know that Becky. I guess instead of 'Managers night' being our night out, we need to schedule a 'Ladies night.' Maybe we can take in a roller derby game!
=) said...

Guess I blew my night out for the month by missing the meeting. It was one night I was really needed at home though - nothing I could do.

Let me know when we can hit a roller derby night and I'm there. If I bring some skates do you think they'd let me play?