Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tuesday was a little crazy. . .

We are finding so much to do around the house that just hasn't been getting done. Like homework. Jason had an essay due Monday. No, we didn't know about it. She gave him until Wednesday to complete it and turn it in. Jason buckled down and completed the essay in two evenings. He did have some of it completed at school, but was missing some important issues that really needed to be addressed. His essay was on Martin Luther (Luder) from the 14-1500's. This man was a peasant who got a first rate education. He became a philosopher, lawyer, writer, and Christian reformer. He translated the Bible into German so it was accessible to all Germans. Then he decided to take on the Catholic Church. I didn't read Jason's research well enough to know much about that except he wrote some texts about Christianity that didn't sit well with the Catholics. He ended up going on trial with the church but ended up escaping before sentencing. Then he began to try and reform those of a Jewish Faith. He did not convert many. He ended up writing his final text titled something like "Jews and their Lies". Jason formed his opinion that Martin Luther was the first Nazi EVER. He was disappointed that he had chosen such a person to do his paper on, but I am so glad! He was able to research, see the good and bad in someone, and keep his opinion out of his essay . . . until the end.
I don't know how much of the biography I got right or wrong, but it is interesting just the same.

Carly has been making her valentines. She tried to make every one personal based on the child's likes and interests. It was such a sweet gesture, I just hope that everyone realizes that. I doubt they will though. I had a great time helping her make them! I think it has been the highlight of my week. She gets so frustrated though because she wants to do it by herself. I have so much fun though that I want to help her every step of the way.

Caden got hit in the eye with a branch when he was playing outside Monday afternoon. He scraped the outside of his lid and under his eye. He cried so much. I was so sad for him. He didn't go to hockey that night because I was afraid with a swollen eye, he wouldn't see someone to the sides of him while he skated. I also kept him home the next day because his eye was so swollen it throbbed when he bent his head. The swelling is slowly going down and tiny, loose pieces of tree are coming out. We'll see how today goes. Hopefully I won't have to take him to a doctor about it.

So, there it is. More updates -

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