Thursday, February 11, 2010

Just a quick vent. . .

So, my son's hockey team has been doing pretty great this season. They actually have a good chance at winning the State tournament and going to DC for Nationals. Jay has gone above and beyond and securing us tickets for this trip AT NO UPFRONT COST to any of our team's families. The agent he is using is holding our reservations for NOTHING, while Alaska Air requires a non-refundable deposit. I would say that is a pretty incredible deal. We, in turn, got another one of the teams who may win to agree to use these reservations if they win. That way, the travel agent gets her money for her hard work.

This incredible deal is on the verge of falling through because one of our parents called the agent on their own, threatening that he could get the tickets cheaper and she wasn't doing her job blah blah blah. The agent tracked my husband down and said he needs to stop calling or she will require a $150.00 deposit to hold our reservations.

I've had to call an emergency parent meeting to get our parents to stop calling the agent!
I'm so frustrated that all of this hard work that we have all done could fall through!
I made sure Jay will be there for this evening's meeting so he could address this issue himself so people actually understand. He has a much more forceful voice than I. AND if a female addresses an issue, she's a bitch. If a man does it, people realize the situation. It sucks, but I am glad that I am married to a man that gets things done.

Sadly though, I think I lost the straw draw on going on the trip. I really want to go and watch my son play hockey. I really, really want to go. Huge Boo!

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patty said...

I can't wait for our DC trip!
Good job Jason....that is a lot of work!