Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Why haven't I been blogging?

It isn't because things haven't been going on or even that I've been too busy. Sometimes though, things happen in ones life that they just don't want to share. That's been my life for a few months. Hopefully, we're on the upswing of everything and I'll have positive, happy things to blog about.

Jason's Arctic Lions Pee Wee II hockey team won the Polar Bear Classic tournament. They went undefeated! I wasn't there, but was on my phone receiving updates during each game. One game had 26 hits and 10 of them were by Jase. I guess he was just a little rocket out there. Not a big goal scorer, but still valuable at getting the puck loose. That's what I hear anyway.

Carly has continued to do well in school. She has fallen a little behind in her reading, but I am confident that she will pick it up and read more. She is determined to meet her reading goals. She has also spent quite a bit of time with her cousin Madison since Thanksgiving. They seem to get together about every other weekend chatting and being girly. Carly really likes having a girl to talk to about boys, friends, and school. It helps that they go to different schools so they don't know who one another is talking about. Back in November, when my sister and her children came to town, us ladies took time to go to watch New Moon. Carly now has an even BIGGER obsession with the Twilight series and especially Jacob. Here is a picture of two of her Twilight Barbies from Grandma Trish @ Christmas.
Caden runs a million miles an hour. He is playing or inventing or building. He is very busy and completely capable of occupying himself. He has been spending time, a lot of time, on his keyboard learning Mary Had A Little Lamb in many different ways. He also likes to make up his own songs. He has a guitar also that he likes to strum. Every night, when he isn't at hockey, he is in his bedroom playing piano and teaching his brother and sister to play Mary. Hockey is going well for him. He is a very strong skater with an excellent center of balance. He has a great stride that has made him the fastest red player out there and in the top 4 in the program. Its great to watch him speed across the ice, and he only gets faster as he goes along. I wish I had a video to post of his speed.

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Patty said...

Awesome! Carly you can be my best friend since you love Jacob too!!