Thursday, February 25, 2010

Guess What I Bought?!

These are the first figure skates I have bought for a child in our house. I found some used figure skates at Play It Again Sports yesterday and accessorized them with maroon skate guards. The boys were thrilled when they saw them. They thought it was the perfect thing for their sister.
Carly put them right on and when down to the creek to go skating. I think she had a good time. She was a little surprised everytime the toe picks caught and she went flying. BUT she was thrilled that she could go round and round in small little circles.
THEN, before bed, she said . . . but I think I want to be an Ice Breaker.
That's the girl's hockey league in our town. After years of wearing hand-me-down hockey skates from her brothers we finally give her girly skates and she decides she'd rather play hockey.
I love her.


Patty said...

Ilove it! I could come watch some Icebreaker action with Carley in the mix! said...

They may end up paying me NOT to have her play. She hasn't tried since ice puppies.