Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Walk With My Girls

Today I went for a walk with my Carly and her pup Esme. We call her Ezzy most of the time. She is a half of a year old now and is a fuzzy little joy. she is a poodle/king charles cavalier spaniel mix called a cavapoo. We observed that she walks with a prissy poodle style . . . SO CUTE.
Carly said it was one of her best days ever. I suppose that I just haven't done enough for her if a simple walk on a brisk day makes her happiest moment's list. But - I guess it makes of my happiest moments also.
We got down the drive way and Ezzy was doing really good. She was on a leash and minded us well. Then we began to walk out onto the road. We didn't make it very far and she was shaking like crazy. She was very spooked and wanted to be held. We had to take turns carrying her back to the driveway and then even further until she stopped shaking. We got almost home and our other dog, Sister, bounded up and Ezzy went crazy! She was so excited to see her sister it was hard to contain her on the leash. We managed though and walked home together. Then we came in for some nice, warm cocoa for Carly and cocoa coffee for me. mmmmm
Like I said, one of our best days ever.

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