Wednesday, June 24, 2009


6 am get up and make J lunch
6:30 take care of emails, laundry, dishes, clean kitchen floor, water green house
8 am shower and get ready
9-11 kids will get up during this time- make sure they eat, get dressed, and brush teeth
10 am go rent movies and video games for the yucky rainy day then go check on Dad
11 am work - try to finish at least 1/2 the billing for HMC
12 am make sure Dad has gotten up, eaten, and showered. He will have done these things - but
I found he at least like the phone call or for me to stop by now anyway. He doesn't
really need the help.
1 pm go to Dad's
1:40 leave for radiation
3-4 get back from radiation, get Wendy's Frosties, get Dad settled back in.
4 back home to start dinner - if it is raining, we will have a family dinner tonight!
6pm Caden's baseball practice if it isn't raining.
8pm kids ready for bed, stories, Jason needs a shower BADLY
9pm everyone in bed

6:10 WE'RE LATE, quick make lunch and breakfast for J. But J couldn't eat this morning so I got an early fried egg sandwich.
7 am I'm still on the computer - but emails were painless. But now I'm running late to get my list of morning chores done and I don't really care because I'm so tired that I'd rather go back to bed! Late night soccer is tough on my sleepy eyes.
Uh, yeah . . . it's 9am, no shower, no dishes, no sleep, no laundry, no floors - but I did manage a lot of FARM TOWN! Stupid farming takes for-ev-orrrr! Wow, what a dork.
Well, I was on my way into North Pole at 10am and did my grocery shopping, went to the post office, went to the video store and got the kids movies and video games for the rainy day and went to see my Dad.
Kids got lunch and hot chocolate by 12:30 - It isn't my fault they chose not to eat it.
I was out the door at 1:15 to get my dad for radiation and back in my house by 4pm.
I DID NOT screw up the Frosty order today. That went smoothly. We even had time to fall asleep for a minute when I took Dad home.
I did not manage to get the billing done . . . yet. Its only 5:44, I've got time.
Dinner is prepared and in the oven, the garage is cleaned up enough to get J's truck in, dishes are swishing around in the dishwasher, hockey gear is washed and partially dried.
Its been a good day.

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