Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My Big Girl!

Today I made a chore list for the kids.
1) get dressed
2) brush your teeth
3) put away your own laundry
4) someone take out the kitchen trash
5) at 4:00 we'll clean the garage so their Dad can park inside.
The kids did their chores before I left to get Dad for radiation. Jason didn't have hockey today so he was able to babysit.
While I was gone, despite the fact that I rented the kids movies and a Wii game, Carly decided to do more work . . .
While I was gone she got out her cook book and made me a banana yogurt split with checks and sunflower seeds to top it. Then she made me a salad to eat with my dinner and put it in the fridge. She also vacuumed and made my bed. At 4:00, she helped me clean the garage. She had wanted to go with me to radiation today. She has gone almost every time. This time she showed her support by going above and beyond - my little 9 year old certainly grew-up today eventhough this picture shows her completely goofy side.

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Uncle Rob said...

May God bless you, Carly and, if you keep up that approach, God will certainly bless you.