Thursday, June 25, 2009


6:00 am wake and make lunch for J
6:30-7:30 clean up kitchen, make bed, start laundry, go through emails
7:30 am shower and get ready for the day
8am start billing
10am all children should be out of bed by now and started on their chore list (this includes
breakfast, dressing, teeth, and laundry)
10:30 Go check on Dad - he is supposed to have physical therapy today so I'm not sure how
the schedule will work with him.
12:00 Drop Jason off at the Wood's so he can catch a ride to hockey.
12:30 Make sure Dad has gotten lunch ready for himself and make sure kids get lunch
1:20 Be at Dad's to get ready to go to radiation
1:40 leave for radiation
2:30 pick up Jason from Dipper, get Frostys, take Dad home and hang out for a while.
4:00 need to be home around then to get dinner ready
4:40 Time for Caden to gear up for baseball - it will take a lot of reminding
5:25 Leave for baseball game
6pm Caden's ball game and Jason's soccer BBQ for the Midnight Sun Tourney 6-8pm
7:30 headed home after game - kids need showers and a snack.
9 pm kids NEED to be in bed!!!

6am up and lunch made, gone through mail, straightened counter and table, started the days laundry, made my bed.
6:30 Caden woke up and was arguing with a video game - I took it and cuddled so he could get back to sleep. The dog joined us. She gets so jealous.
7am started going through emails and blogging the days progress. Not bad, off to a good start. I hope this doesn't JINX my day!
8am computer still - but off and in the shower by 8:15, ready by 9am. Yahoo!
AND I just put "He's Just Not That Into You" I already laughed. A red cooler.

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