Tuesday, June 23, 2009


6 am : Wake and make J lunch
6:30 : check and return any emails
7:30-8:30 : shower and get ready for the day call animal shelter
9 - 10 : go check on my Dad
10 - 11 : make sure the kids are up, fed, dressed, teeth brushed if they aren't ready by now
12 pm : drop Jason off at Wood's to get a ride to hockey, then go check on Dad / lunch
12:30 : kid's lunch
1:20 : be back at Dad's
1: 40 : head to radiation
3 pm : home from radiation make sure Dad is settled
3:15 : billing / Jason should be home
4:00 : get dinner ready then feed kids
5:10 : make sure Caden is ready for baseball game and Jason is ready for soccer game
5:30 : gather kids and head to baseball field to get field ready for game - J won't make it in time
6pm : baseball game
7:15 : leave game early and head to Fairbanks for Jason's soccer game
8pm : Soccer game
10-10:30pm : we should be home
10:30-11: wind down

Up at 6, Carly up at 6:30 am. That will surely put a damper on her attitude later!
Had to send out "found Dog" emails this morning. I did manage my shower & getting ready by 9am! Checked on my Dad @ 9:30, he was still asleep.
Went to the Post Office to pick up a package, got gas, went to the bank to make a business deposite all by 10 am.
Then began our "Found" dog fliers. Just completed all those and need to run out and hang them up. Still no calls to the shelter about him. But he's a barker - UGH! I hate it when dogs bark!!!
We made it to drop Jason off on time and get my Dad. We were there at 1 and we hung out and watched TV until it was time to take off. We got there just in time and he got his treatment and then went for a white blood shot. Then we made it to Wendy's for Frostys and back to his house. And then HOME by 4pm.
So, I'm a little off of my schedule and its raining, so maybe no baseball. And, we had to take some time and get the dog to its owner. They called and came to get him. He doesn't have a name - but we called him Gadget. He was apparently a special breed of white golden retriever that is "VERY EXPENSIVE." The woman was hoping she could pick the dog up herself just to see why he stayed here all night, on our porch, and didn't leave even though we didn't chain him up. But, she had to send her daughter. I think the dog stayed around because my kids showered him with affection and we didn't SHOCK him!
Okay - uh, dinner didn't go so well - couple of microwave hot dogs for the kids, Jason was still not home at 5:30 and I had to get Caden to his rained out baseball game.
Picked up Jason from the Wood's at 6:00.
Came home and cooked more hot dogs - but the man kind, you know, brats. Funny that the man version of the hot dog is a brat.
So - Then it was off to soccer, and we would have made it in time too, if I hadn't parked at the wrong field twice before I figured out where we were going. Stupid Soccer!
Oh, but Jason scored his first goal and got two assts!!! How super sweet for him for his first real game?! And it was SO SUPER SUPER COLD. The rain was coming down in sheets and it felt like it was 45* out. Good thing I wore my Columbia winter socks!!! Hooray for Columbia $20.00 socks. Some people buy expensive make-up or shampoo - we Alaskan mom's buy WARM SOCKS cuz our hair and make-up look like shit in the rain & we're wearing a hat all winter - except those mom's who aren't really involved in their kid's lives. Those are the ones who wear leg warmers with their heels at the ice rink.
Yeah, you know who I mean.


patty said...

Funny post! I always have so much I want to do in a day, but never get to half of it!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting! Now i know exactly when to call & bug the crap outta you! LOL!
I really wish i could be there to help you out!!!

an.Alaskan.mom said...

Your funny Share!
Ya know - once I wrote the schedule, it was easier to get some things done. I wasn't constantly sayin, "what time does ______ start?" or "where is the game?"
Maybe I'll be a new person by Friday - a new organized and on time person (but not likely with a 7:30 show time for an 8am soccer game)