Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Monday's Schedule

I'm blogging my schedule this week. I'm writing down what I know my schedule is and then will blog on what actually happened that day.

I missed yesterday . . . So, here it is.

6 am: wake and make J lunch
8 am: shower and get ready for the day
10 am: check on Dad and go to shop for time cards
11 am: payroll
1 pm: Go to Dad's and get him ready for radiation, make sure he had lunch and meds.
1:40: leave for Fairbanks
2: 15 : radiation
3:00 : arrive back home and hang out with Dad until 4
4:30 : start dinner
5:50 : get Jason to soccer
7:30 : pick Jason up

During this the kids wake-up, I get them breakfast and make sure they have gotten dressed and brushed their teeth. Somewhere around 12:30 and 1 I make sure they have lunch.

What Actually Happened

6 am : wake up and make J lunch
6:30-9 : check emails, work on-line, send out sports emails, and fell asleep sitting up quite a bit
9 am: Doorbell and one of Dad's friends searching for him
kids up and eating
10 am: phone call that Dad is actually in Chemo and I won't be driving him to radiation later because he's already in Fairbanks.
I decide I will spend some time with the kids in the yard. We go to the shop and then grocery store for all kinds of fresh lunch goodies.
I set up a picnic in the yard and they play in the sprinkler and on the trampoline.
Then on to more dreaded sports emails. At least team members are responding to my volunteer pleas! Yay!
Diffuse many many child arguments and fights.
3pm :payroll
5 pm: kids in the house - not just mine - AHHHHRRRRGGG!
Get a call that Dad is finally home from his chemo and radiation - would like to go visit, but I've got to get dinner going for the kids.
Jay arrives home sometime around here, and helps get the chicken finished that is on the grill.
At almost 6 we sit down to dinner and send the neighbor home.
At 6:40 I realize I forgot Jason's soccer.
6:50 : We are on our way to soccer.
7:30 : We are on our way home from soccer.
8:30 : A stray Dog arrives at our house (and is still here this morning)
8:30 - 11:40 : Trying to figure out where the dog lives. The kids were outside playing ball and trampoline until 9. They were put to bed by 9:30 pm, but only Caden went to sleep. Carly and Jason were still up and sneaking around when I got back from walking the stray around the neighborhood again.

The children were supposed to be ready for bed at 7:30 and in bed by 8 because the night before they snuck around until late also. The arrival of the stray puppy really put a jolt in the evening.

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