Friday, June 12, 2009

The French

So, today the kids were watching Parent Trap in the car. It came to a point where two people greeting with a two cheek kiss. So Carly asked why people greet like that. Carly is 9. Caden (who is 7) tells her, "Its just something the French do."
I replied with a quiet, "Actually, that's not how the French kiss."
Well, Caden turned 12 shades of red and burst out laughing.
I called him on it.
Carly said, "What?"
I told Caden he was grounded to his room if he didn't explain to his sister - I was really hoping couldn't.
He said he'd rather be grounded but then let her know it was a kiss with a tongue.

OMG!!! How does he know this stuff? What are they talking about in first grade now-a-days? How did it skim right by my 9 yr old?

Or did it? Maybe she just played innocent to get the attention off of her.


Kate said...

That is really funny. You would be surprised what kids know nowadays :)

Anonymous said...

of course Carly is innocent! Boys definately talk more about that stuff in school than girls do!