Thursday, June 25, 2009


6am rise and shine! make J lunch if there is time.
6:10 shower
6:15 start getting Jason up
6:30 he'd better be up
6:45 he'd better be eating and getting dressed
7am hopefully the sitter arrives and we can leave for Fairbanks
7:30 show time for soccer
8am 1 tourney game
9:30 game over
10-10:15 home
10-11 make sure kids are having a snack, find Carly and pick her up from my brother.
12pm make sure kids are having lunch and understand they HAVE to be ready at 3 when I come back to pick them up - leave them a chore list
1:00 go to get dad, make sure he's eaten something and leave for radiation in Fairbanks
2:15 radiation and shot
3pm back in NP and drop Dad off and pick up kids from home.
3:10 head back into Fairbanks for 2nd tourney game
4pm game starts
5:30 game over
6pm hopefully celebratory dinner of Subways!
8pm jammies and stories or a movie
10pm Oh Please Let the kids be sleeping!

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