Monday, June 29, 2009

Midnight Sun Soccer Tournament

Midnight Sun Soccer Tournament 2009

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We had a long weekend of soccer. It started on Friday morning. The boys had to be there for an 8am game. Boy was that early. Carly spent the night with cousin Madison and I got a sitter for Caden (Thanks Sam!). J had to work, so Jase and I headed in for some soccer. He'd only been cleared to play after his concussion for a week and we were all a bit protective of his head. He is the smallest and youngest on his team. They played two games Friday, two Saturday, and another 8am game on Sunday.

I know we lost all of our games except the one against the younger team (the kids actually Jase's age). I know that I had a great time when I wasn't frustrated with our teams bouts of laziness. I have to remember tho, I don't play, I don't know the game, and they probably get pretty tired running up and down the field for and hour and a half.

Jason seemed to really have fun also. His soccer team is generally kind and they seem like a good group of boys, though we hardly know any of them. If Jason needs a hand or reminding where to be, they do that without judgement, sarcasm, or frustration. Its a big difference from baseball last year where everything seemed to critiqued from the way he jogged to the way he tilted his head in the outfield. God forbid he felt emotion when he struck out. There weren't any "good jobs" left for him by the end of the season, no matter how many bases he stole (and there were a lot), runs he got, or balls he caught. I miss baseball, but am happy for the break.

So, here's to a great weekend of soccer . . . even if we weren't the winners.

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Angie said...

Well it's good that you keep things in perspective. I remember when I played sports as a child there would always be those parents who flipped out if their kids team didn't win and acted like it was the end of the world. So it's always nice to see parents who focus on the fun aspect of it.