Sunday, January 11, 2009

Past Picts

This picture is my Mom outside of our AWSOME Merk. We all actually called it "The Merk". Remember when the station wagons had third row seating but it faced backwards? Oh, those were the days. That is my brother, Kevin, and I in the back.

This is my sister, Sharon and I inside of our grandparents house. Doesn't she look like a little doll? Notice my football shirt. Who knew?

No, that is not Hitler! It is my grandma, Betty Buzby (who is straight from Prussia by the way) and my grandpa, H.E. Buzby who was born and raised right here in the interior!


pattycakes said...

Is Buzby road named after them?

analaskanmom said...

I think that one specifically was after his brother, or the family in general. They homesteaded out here. My Dad's road is after him Harry B Road and the road that parallels the Old Rich by the Dyke is also named after him.